Integromat Apps Basics


If you have searched through all the apps/services that Integromat already supports and did not find the one you would like to employ in your scenario, you are in the right place. This DIY guide will help you to create an Integromat App for the app/service without writing a piece of code. If the app/service provides an API then all you need to do is put together a few declarations in a simple JSON format. Throughout this guide we will use our Virtual Library Demo API that you can freely experiment with.

TIP To see if there is an API provided by the app/service you would like to integrate, try googling this: API, for example: API

Creating your first Integromat App

Let us start with a simple Hello world Module that will call our Demo API /helloworld endpoint without any parameters and simply pass the response: text Hello, World!. You can test the API simply by clicking the following link:

The API response containing the following JSON will open in your browser:

{“result”:”Hello, World!”}

{"result":"Hello, World!"}

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